Three years, nine months, and seventeen days


It's been a long time coming. Yesterday, a large box arrived from Forge, my publisher, and a small one from Brilliance, my audio publisher. Karen took a couple of photos:

I calculated how long it took from the moment I sent off typescripts to agents until yesterday. Here I am sending one off, three years, nine months and eighteen days ago:

(The shades are to hide the fear.)

Karen took that on 2 September, 2011. We were living in London then. Since that day, I've had time to get married, have a child, and move to the other end of the world. It took eight rejections, a bunch of re-writes, and the doggedness of Charlie Campbell in London and Farley Chase in New York to find a home for DEVIL'S HARBOR, when Kristin Sevick (may the wind always be at your back and the sun on your face!) acquired it for Forge.   

Three years, nine months, and seventeen days from soliciting agents to holding the actual book. That's not including the years it took to write the early drafts. So if you're starting out, I hope this helps keep things in perspective. It's a long, long road, and most of it you travel alone, but: keep going. It feels so good to feel the weight of your first novel in your hand. Nothing else gives that kind of satisfaction.