You'd think famous writers would be tight-fisted with their time, since that's their most precious commodity. Turns out they're nothing but generous with it, even the ones at the very top of the game such as John Katzenbach, the global bestselling author of fourteen novels, including the brilliant HART'S WAR, THE MADMAN'S TALE, and, coming in October, THE DEAD STUDENT. John was kind enough to read DEVIL'S HARBOR and then give it this extremely encouraging blurb: 

“DEVIL'S HARBOR is a fast-paced, sophisticated thriller, filled with twists, turns and compelling characters that will stay with the reader long after they’ve read the exciting final pages. Alex Gilly is a writer to be reckoned with — one that knows his territory, whether it is a speedboat trapped in an offshore gale or how to aim a rifle from a pitching deck. This is a book that operates deliciously in the shadows beneath the dark Pacific waters surface and in the darker places in men’s hearts. DEVIL'S HARBOR is a fine debut that will keep readers up late at night."

I've pre-ordered my copy of THE DEAD STUDENT and can't wait to read it.