To the three authors who took the time to read a book by some guy they'd never heard of and then say nice things about it: I've never met any of you, but if I ever do, I can't promise I'll hold back the hugs.

“You're there, amidst the action, feeling, hearing, even smelling the tension. Tons of skullduggery keeps you guessing right to the end. This is one of those labyrinths of mystery readers crave."Steve Berry, #1 internationally bestselling author of THE LINCOLN MYTH

“Hooked me from page one! Dark, knowing, and suspenseful, with a twisty undertow of impending tragedy. This timely and provocative thriller—with its complex hero, cinematic setting, and heartbreaking consequences—makes debut author Alex Gilly a must-read.” Hank Phillippi Ryan, bestselling author of TRUTH BE TOLD

"DEVIL'S HARBOR is one of those rare thrillers with a bark to match its bite, a vibrant, high energy thrill ride with a subject both timely and topical. Alex Gilly's debut plumbs the waters off Southern California for a drug-infested tale of treachery and murder, one layer wrapped neatly upon another while remaining utterly unpredictable. Echoing Don Winslow, T. Jefferson Parker, and James Hall at their level best, Gilly proves to be as polished a writer as he is a storyteller and DEVIL'S HARBOR is a can't miss great read."Jon Land, bestselling and award-winning author of STRONG DARKNESS