Don Crinklaw gave DEVIL'S HARBOR this great review on Booklist 

"The temptation is to dodge reviewing this splendid crime novel and just bark orders: Buy it! Recommend it! Push it on anyone who loves suspense and action served with hard-boiled style! The writing is exuberant yet controlled, the plot is twisty and devious yet easily tracked, the characters are freshly imagined. The lead is Nick Finn, a marine interdiction agent for Customs and Border Protection in the water below San Clemente, and we have the pleasure of watching a pro at work as he moves on a sinister sport fisher—first with a flash-bang shell, then a mooring line, finally an M4 carbine. A fine action scene. Things get even better. Finn has a bourbon problem in his past and a smart, tough wife in his present, and they intertwine as Finn is punished for his lack of professionalism. His attempt to clear himself only makes things worse, until he understands he is an actor in a play—the only one who hasn’t read the script. The boat chases are the best since the early Bond novels, the revelations are startling, and the bourbon scenes make you thirsty."